Paramotoring is our speciality... Paramotoring is the other name of freedom... It is a combination of a paraglider and a back pack motor with propeller which will give u enough thrust to take off from level ground and sustain flight... Paramotor will set u free from the limitation of hills or mountains and literally u can take off from almost anywhere like, beaches, paddy fields, vast play grounds and even from empty roads.... It will give u the freedom of a bird to fly anywhere when the weather is right for the flight...

Any one who is good in paragliding and with reasonable fitness can learn and enjoy paramotoring.. It is ur personal aircraft which can fit in a compact size car and can be carried to anywhere u like to take a flight.. We call it ` The motor cycle in the air` ,,, One can fly a paramotor with the ease of riding a bike on the street, provided the pilot is well trained and stick with the discipline...

Though paramotoring look very easy and accessible, one need to undergo competent training procedure to become a good and safe paramotor pilot and you have to be reasonably good in pg flying and very good in ground handling skills.. We highly recommend that, any one want to take up paramotoring, should refine their ground handling skills to a competent level.. Time spent in acquiring good GH skills are never wasted, because it will save you lot of time and money in paramotoring..

So, If u think paramotoring is for you, please give us a ring and learn with us . .

Happy landings...Cool


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Paragliding and paramotor courses are scheduled to begin from september  onwards.  Tandem Joy Rides are also open from October 2019 . . Please contact/mail  us to book your seats as early as possiblle .

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