This is one of the most recent and unique way of advertising brand names, imgages and logos... It has already re-defined advertising concepts.. We fly a paraglider above a crowded area where thousands of people gather for a special event or we fly above a city or a beach on a regular day evening,  it is guaranteed that there won`t be a single person left out  in that area without seeing a 27 sqmt. bright colourd glider  with a logo / brand name pasted on it...A flying object itself is a visual treat for any one, what if that is acolorful  glider and an image on it which hang around above ur head at an altitude of less than 300 ft, imagine the visual impact...

A Paramotor can be launched from almost anywhere and we can come to any place of ur requirement and fly above ur proposed area. If the weather is favourable, we can fly around one hour above a particular area which is more than enough to catch the attention of any crowd.. The mileage a brand can achieve from a paramotor operation is immense.. More than the direct mileage from the flight, the free media coverage of the event also an added advantage for the brand...Visual medias are naturally curious about a flying object in their air space, naturally the live cameras will turn to it..and you can do wonderful aerial photography as well..

We are the pioneers in India in this concept of aerial advertisement.. We have done a number of aerial assignments for many organisations in Kerala and all over India. We are getting repeated orders from those companies every year at different locations. Pl refer our photo gallery for different styles and images which can be flown on a paraglider. So, if u want ur brand to fly in the sky right above  the people, call us... We at Adventure Inc.  will make ur brand fly in the sky...



Paragliding and paramotor courses are scheduled to begin from september  onwards.  Tandem Joy Rides are also open from October 2019 . . Please contact/mail  us to book your seats as early as possiblle .

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