Parasailing is the simplest form of aviation meant for any one who love to soar to the sky without any prior training or effort.... Any one with minimum fitness can taste a flight in parasailing... In this form of flight, a 50 to 100 meter rope is connected to a round parachute(parasail) and it will be towed by a Jeep or boat (in case of aqua parasailing ) and the passenger wearing a harness will be hooked to the parasail... when the towing starts, the parasail will ascend to the sky at the length of the rope and the passenger will float below the canopy and fly along with it around 100 meter height.  This is a very exciting sport for the first timers in aviation and people who want to taste a flight without spending any time or effort...

We are conducting regular parasailing camps for schools, colleges, clubs and other institutions at their own location and many places in Kerala, South India.  Any one from the age of 13 and above can enjoy parasailing.  The entire control of the flight is in the hands of the paragliding controller who is in the tow vehicle... so, passenger need not to do any complicated inputs other than just running and take off with the canopy.. simple procedures of take off and landing will be briefed before each flight.. Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure sports world wide..

Feel free to call us for any further information or to conduct parasailing camps at ur own location...Cool

Paragliding and paramotor courses are scheduled to begin from september  onwards.  Tandem Joy Rides are also open from October 2019 . . Please contact/mail  us to book your seats as early as possiblle .

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